1 x tub of Tzatziki Dip -170g

1 x tub of Hummus -170g

1 x Black and Green Pitted Olives 240g

6 x wholemeal pitta

4 x harrissa Chicken Thighs

1 x lemon

1 x Italian Mozzarella Cheese 225g (Drained Weight 125g)

1 x Tomatoes - pack of 4 (400g approx)

1 x Bunch basil

1 x Red Onion

1 x Coleslaw 250g

1 x Hearty Three Bean Salad 220g

1 x Couscous Vegetables Salad 160g

Christo's BBQ Pack (for 4 people)

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  • - Cook the chicken on a low BBQ heat until caramelised or slightly charred in places. Take your time.

    - Cut the lemon in half and cook flesh sidedown on the BBQ until it begins to caramelise. This brings out the sweetness. Be careful Everything on and near a BBQ can be hot. 

    - I like to dress the Mozzorella and tomato salad with equal quanitities of a freshly squeezed (Ripe) lemon and olive oil and a vinegar of your choice. Sea salt and cracked black pepper. I like to add Cider vinegar and my wife prefers Balsamic vinegar. 


    Always be safe when using your BBQ